A program’s primary objective is to relieve you of the heavy administrative work related to purchases, order taking, fitting, losses and clothing inventory management.Your program is tailored to your specific needs and can include a wide selection of clothing tailored to the specific needs of your employees or customers. These clothes are carefully selected with the help of our consultants to meet your needs.

Each program comes with a secure transactional online store to facilitate order taking, payment or awarding points.

Contact our consultants to find out about all the advantages of Arseno’s integrated management programs: The efficient and economical solution to manage your uniforms.

Membership Program

This program is perfect for companies and associations:

  • wishing to motivate employees or emphasize the involvement of employees,
  • wishing to reward performance, attendance, and employee creativity,
  • wanting to emphasize the spirit of belonging.

Uniform Program

This program is perfect for schools and businesses:

  • with a large number of employees or students,
  • wishing to alleviate the burden of order taking, distribution, trade and payments,
  • wishing to implement a highly efficient replenishment system.

Here is a selection of shirts, polo shirts, pants and jackets designed for transport companies.


Here is a selection of protective, safety and visibility clothing for the industrial sector.


You will find a selection of clothing for customer service and retail businesses.


You will find a selection of clothing for catering and hospitality.


For all events and organizations that require clothing to identify the members of the organization and the participants.